Monthly Archives: February 2010

My First Portfolio

Posted February 26, 2010

People sometimes ask me when I started taking pictures, what are my favorites subjects, if I ever shot in film, etc etc. Digging on my old photos, I found my first portfolio ever. It brought… Read more »


Posted February 24, 2010

I’ve met Carolyn through my sister a few years ago in Pennsylvania. Now she lives in San Jose, CA, and we scheduled our photo session while she was in SD for work. A beautiful woman… Read more »

Gracie SD Competition Team

Posted February 20, 2010

My friend and jiu-jitsu fighter Johny Faria contacted me to photograph his new gym with his partner Regis Lebre. I hung out during class time, and had the chance to capture some Brazilian jiu-jitsu style… Read more »

Lindsay, Kona, and Liliakea

Posted February 12, 2010

These guys are 100% family! Lindsay is my beautiful sister-in-law, and she is expecting her first baby daughter LILIAKEA! It is a Hawaiian name, and it means lilies from the mountains:) Can’t wait to meet… Read more »

Marie and Patrick

Posted February 5, 2010

This wedding was in the winter in San Diego, and look how beautiful the weather was! Marie and Patrick are great people, and awesome dancers. They surprised everybody with some Tango dance. Good style guys,… Read more »