Cindy :: maternity photos

I love photographing moms to be. Thats something so special and unique in each pregnant woman that makes me so happy about. Cindy has been my client for a few years now and this is her 5th pregnancy. She asked me for some fun and casual photos on the beach of just her and her husband, without her other kids, to make it a special and unique moment for this baby. I love that.

Lots of times, my clients want to have photos taken on the beach, and on the day of the shoot its not a sunny day in San Diego, and they get a little concerned about it. I try to educate my clients that cloudy days on the beach can be very dreamy and soft, and thats what happened with this session. Cindy just trusted me, and was a little adventurous to get in the cold water for some last shots. The results were just perfect !! Cant wait for the day of her delivery, when I am gonna be with her in the room registering the birth of her loved child.