Jill Fausner

I am super excited to blog about this incredibly talented lady! She is the owner of Layered Vintage, a company that she started a couple years ago based on her passion for hunting down vintage rarities. Her hobby then evolved into design and decor for parties and events, evolving with the addition of floral designs which she now considers the beginning and end of all her works.

Jill is originally from Seoul, Korea, but she’s been living here in San Diego for most of her life.  Due to family circumstances, she moved her husband and kids in with her mother into their beautiful family home in Ramona. Country living and sharing happy moments with her family is huge for her, and it’s the muse for most of her ideas . She enjoys running and going for hikes with her boys, hunting for treasures to be used in projects, utterly unafraid of getting dirty climbing through heaps of  sticks and foliage to get the perfect piece for a weaving project.

I met with Jill at her stunning home a few months ago, and she took me on a walk around the neighborhood and her property in search for the best flowers, leaves, sticks, and greenery that inspire her.  As I followed her around, I marveled at how much attention she gives to details, how passionate and focused she is when choosing the good pieces, and how much beauty is there for the finding around her home in the country side.

Doodling for her is like therapy, and believe me, she is wonderful at it !! I witnessed her simple and efficient methods of cutting and drawing as she makes her magic happen.

Hope you all enjoy the photos from our day together… and Jill, I wish you all the best always, you are such an inspiration to me!