our family

I am so glad we took these photos when my parents were visiting from Brazil last month. Living far from them is definitely the hardest part of my decision of moving to California, but I am fortunate enough to have my sister and her family close to me. Our parents and brother come for the Holidays every year, and this is the second time we’ve decided to get some fun and casual photos taken of us all together.

The day we picked for the shoot wasn’t ideal. It was raining and cold in an always so Sunny San Diego. We thought about cancelling it because of the bad weather, but instead we just grabbed our almost never used umbrellas and decided to go with it. And we had a blast.

Being a family photographer myself, I treasure the real moments and memories created based on these moments. I believe photoshoots are about being together, laughing at the unexpected situations, and mostly, being together with your loved ones no matter what.

Love you guys to the moon and back.

HUGE thanks to my always present and super talented girlfriend Shannon Bailey for snapping the group photos.