Sarah Larson :: creative minds

Meet Sarah. This girl is such a creative and loving person with many talents. Originally from Minnesota, she moved to San Diego about 10 years ago, and now is the owner of Often Wander. Sarah is an adventurous lady that travels the world and finds inspiration in all things around her. She hopes that people that connect to her products  live openly, adventurously and curiously. Check out her amazing line of handmade jewelery and candles. Talking about candles, this pretty lady added to her business a very creative and unique idea where her clients can rent the collections of their choices among her extensive collection of vintage glassware to use on events, weddings etc, then they just need to return the candles to her so she can clean them, refill them and rent it again for another event. Isnt it an amazing touch for your event?

Another big passion on this lady life is dancing. She finds herself nowadays dancing freely in her apartment, but in the past, she got a degree from UCSD and produced many dancing shows. I had the chance to photograph her moves, and it was really inspiring to me to see her precise gestures filled with passion and in harmony with her soul.

Way to go pretty lady. Thanks for motivating and inspiring those around you.