Witty girls :: Tiffany and Chelsea behind the scenes

When I asked these ladies to be a part of my “behind the scenes” project, I couldnt have imagined they had so many talents. Tiff and Chels have been friends for many years and together they started a few years ago their furniture rental business Witty Rentals. Tiff has always had a passion for modern/mid century furniture and home design and saw an opportunity to make that available to the San Diego wedding industry. The first person that popped to her mind as a business partner was Chels since they share similar style and work ethic.

They both have been living in North County with their respective husbands pretty much all their lives and they love it up there.

We started the day shooting Chelsea doing her magic and hand panting some beautiful ceramic pieces. Thats been her passion since high school, and College – she graduated from Cal State Long Beach with Bachelor of Fine Arts in Ceramics. What started as a fun project is slowly becoming a side business for her since she has made so many pieces throughout the year. I am glad a had the chance to see her creative, focus and talent she is while playing with her pottery. Her goal is to have a kiln to fire her work and start making more new pieces again. For now, lets enjoy and appreciate the art from this driven and nerdy girl – as she defines herself 🙂

From there, we headed to a local thrift store where Tiff carefully searched for some hidden treasure. Ironically, she confesses how embarrassed she would get when her mom used to take her to garage sales when she was a kid. Now, she is glad that phase fizzled out since she is most happy and finds  lot of her inspiration when she is out exploring.

I am so glad I had the chance to get to know these babes a little more and share some quality time watching them doing what they love and care. You both are such an inspiration.